Read with your heart, let your spirit be inspired…


Sometimes we are so eager to escape hard life situations. Of course, we want to escape physical or emotional pain, financial insecurities or other stressful circumstances.
But what if the hardest life experience contained your biggest treasure? What if it gave you a freedom, you never believed to be possible? What if the universe had a bigger plan you just have not been able to capture yet?
Leave your resistances behind. You might be prepared for greater tasks. Embrace life no matter what. Love yourself for everything you are going through. You really deserve it!


No matter where you go, what you do or what you don’t do, you can always only encounter yourself. 

Whenever you feel lost, you are finding yourself. Whenever you are sad, you are wrapping yourself in comfort. Whenever you want to give up, your path is talking to you. And wherever your deepest pain is, there is redemption.
Pay all of your attention to yourself, give all of your love. 

One day you know, no matter where you went, what places you visited on the outside or your inside world, you always have been home.


Maybe you are sad, angry, worried or you feel sick at the moment. Maybe everything is good, however you experience yourself mainly through your thoughts and feelings in your daily life.
Either way, take a moment, close your eyes and let yourself fall deep into your soul. Until you feel that love carries you.

From here start to enjoy. Enjoy having legs taking you through life if you are able to walk. Enjoy being able to see if you are not blind. Enjoy listening if you can hear, listen to music, to the wind or a person. Enjoy being human and having feelings. They keep your world alive. Enjoy your thoughts, you may have an epiphany.

And if you have unpleasant thoughts and feelings or if you are in physical pain, try to enjoy this as well. Enjoy each moment, no matter what. Everything leads you on your path and can open a door for you to a bit more eternity.


So give generously because you love to do so and not because you expect something in return. 
People might disappoint you, they might let you down when you are in need. They might even betray you, despite of all that you have given. But it is never about others.
It is always about you and God.

Isn’t that comforting to know?


Perceive the world without finding a position to it.
 We have learned to judge on what is happening and we do it consciously or unconsciously.
Is it good for me, is it bad, would I like to escape the situation? Well, you cannot escape life. But you can escape your judging.
 Try this just for today: 
Allow yourself to forget everything you think you know about your life.
Allow everything in your life to reveal the magic behind.
 Perceive the world with the eyes and the soul of a child.
Enjoy the journey just for one day. 
You might find out that you already arrived.


Don’t think too much, enjoy.
 Take risks no matter how often you fail.
 Admit your weaknesses, they carry your strengths.
 Don’t hide your vulnerability, it makes you human.
Get to know yourself in a new light every day. And if you feel stuck, give your friends a chance to help you being the amazing you that you are. 

Love as much as you can.
 And don’t forget that there are enough ordinary people out there.
Open up to life, live it, love it, embrace it. You will get wet when it rains!


When you are well, be well. When you are sick, be sick. 
When you are content, be content. When you are sad, be sad. 
And if the path of your soul is to die in between lifes earlier than assumed, celebrate death.

When you lose things in your life, your money, your health, a relationship – there is always your heart and God. Then you know how truly wealthy you are.


Each moment is an invitation of life to encounter yourself. Enjoy the date.
Make it a love story.


Imagine that everything that happens in your life takes you closer to your source. Imagine that it is always God who talks to you in your life. Imagine that you entirely give yourself to everything that currently is and that you trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
And even if you will not get healthier or richer right away; even if it will not get better in a relationship immediately, stay aligned with the miracle that you are. Some day you will feel the stream of endless love that flows through you so strongly, that you have found the place within yourself, where you are always happy.


There is so much guidance waiting for us to be followed. 
Open up, stay alert, keep focused. Everything that happens in life has a meaning. Life talks to you. Start to see the world with different eyes.
As soon as you stop following others or a concept you have about yourself, inner guidance can take over. 
Free yourself from routines that do not serve you any longer.
Follow your intuition. 
This journey could lead you to your destination.


Doubts and fears, disappointment, jealousy or anger. Such feelings may accompany you from time to time. To the inner warrior these are friends. The inner warrior knows about the strength they carry once you stop fighting them.
Listen to the message beyond.
Nothing can hold you back.


Through a thought that lifts your spirit. 
Through a flower that unfolds the beauty of its origin. 
Through a shadow born from light. 
Through a pain that shows its truth.
Your life is talking to you, sometimes it tells you about your hurts and needs and deepest fears and shows your path of healing to you and your return to joy. 
Everything is talking to you. Everything is alive.
The whole universe is vibrating, singing the song of love. Get still, enjoy the concert. Listen with your heart.


Maybe one day you will be disappointed so very deeply by the person you adored the most, that a world falls apart for you. A holy moment in your life. It is able to destroy all illusions that you have ever had, to fulfill your deepest inner longing with someone else’s love. It paves the way to your divine self all at once and leads you to rise within the one big love you are. You can win yourself this way and your heaven becomes one with you. From this perspective there is nothing to forgive.


Sometimes it seems like there is something new to learn or further steps to take so that you can do what really makes you happy. But often it is the other way round.
It is about letting go of what is not really yours. There is this sacred space within you where all possibilities dwell. To listen get still.


What happens when we look at others through the glasses of love:
We don’t take things personally any more. We begin to see the hurts and needs of others.  We gain a lot of freedom.
We are at peace with ourselves. We can only see beauty. Love connects us all.


A true teacher will never teach you certain teachings or tell you what to do.
Instead, he or she will ignite your heart with such a deep and infinite love, that every thought and feeling that limits your true self will melt away, until you are free.


At some point we made an agreement with ourselves. We like positive feelings. We like to feel good. But we tend to deny negative feelings. Who likes to be angry, frustrated or sad?
Life however consists of both. The feelings we suppress begin to live a hidden life, they become our shadows. And they will catch up with us one day. A widespread strategy says: Transform all the unpleasant as soon as possible. Of course we want to be good. But how do you want to find peace if you do not accept yourself deeply with everything that you are at the moment? Each person has both sides.
Stop judging. Love yourself endlessly for everything that you are. Your shadow will lose power over you and you will grow beyond good and bad, into a deep inner peace.


Can leadership mean to follow those who are led? For me yes, if it happens in the sense of a deep recognition of who they really are, of the path they walk and the message they carry solely by being here.
Leadership then means guiding into the inner freedom to live yourself, so that your own inner guidance can take over. 
Those teachers touched me the most and paved the way for my own inner guidance who always understood themselves as servants of love.
Who showed me that we are all connected and that a shadow transformed into light makes the world brighter for ALL of us. Who didn’t hide their weaknesses, because they knew that these are their strengths. Who were a living example for me that to love EVERYTHING is the way into your own wholeness.


Idols and leaders of all kinds are often either idealized or run down, even completely denied. It can be the same, two sides of one coin. In the first case we are looking for the light we haven’t found in ourselves completely yet. In the other case we resist to embrace our shadows, the traces we have left and we are not yet able to forgive.
Find both in you, make deep peace by embracing all. Rise above within eternal love. Our world is changing fast and in the near future things may come to light that we never believed to be possible. Structures may fall apart that we relied on for so long. Be prepared. It is the beginning of a whole new world. And YOU have a unique task therein that your heart is telling of continuously and that no one else but you is able to fulfill.


We are eternal lovers and with each life we leave countless traces in the love story of the universe. We are always rewarded, just sometimes we do not understand everything of our life. In the light of love we always write a success story. No matter what opinion you or others might have about you. You are a huge success, because you are love.
See yourself every day through the magic glasses of love: endlessly loved for everything that you have ever been and that you are.


There are two realms you can draw your attention to:
You can focus on what is, on what we call reality, what already has come into existence. What you can touch and hear and smell and what is right in front of your eyes. You can weigh it, measure it, analyse it.
You can have opinions about it and discuss it with others. You can also focus on what wants to come into existence through you. The stream of creation flowing powerfully through every one of us. Through each one in a unique way. It is what connects us and makes creation whole. Lean into this inner flow and be the gift to a new world. You give energy to what you focus on. Choose what makes your heart sing.


Today I conspire with fiery self-love and wild appreciation,

with boundless forgiveness and fierce understanding, with the craziest joy
 and with the irresistible truth that I always am. 
Want to join in being completely beyond control?


To let go of the old, to become empty inside, to “die“ in each moment and to not hold on to anything in oder to experience ourselves in our humanness in a completely new way is easier if we thank.
For all of our thoughts and feelings that we have and for existing structures, whether political, economic or social ones that we created together. Let us say thanks to everything that served us so far but that cannot exist in the light of righteousness and love any more. It can go easier then. Inside and outside is one. What we fight against gets attention. What we love gets attention. Let us love ourselves into a whole new world.


We have called for change, some called it out loud, when does the new time finally come. Some have called for it silently in their hearts when the big emptiness took its place amidst the busyness of their daily lives. Now what? Do we go along with EVERYTHING that shows up on he stage of life and in ourselves or do we look for those we can make responsible again. I didn’t imagine it to be like this… We have contributed with our part to everything that is. A long time we could feel separated from life and “the evil“ in the world. Now is the time to leave the direction to the one big love, that finds its expression through everything.

Now it is becoming tangible, a new togetherness, visible, a glance from the distance, a smile directly from the heart. An increasing energy that constantly invites you to unite everything within you in your love – to create a new world in which everybody knows that everything serves to finally let it in into our hearts.

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