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Dharma Coaching

I look at energy flows. We will find the origin of your problem at the relevant energetic level so that you can overcome your limitations. Whatever you are preoccupied with, will fall into place. You will get a clear perspective on yourself and your life and you will be able to recognize the next significant steps you can take. The power behind what we often assume to be a problem is released, and you experience and integrate core qualities into your life. You can make an appointment with me in Stuttgart, in London or online, for example on Zoom or Skype. Dharma Coaching for groups of leaders on request.



We live in a time of a great and unstoppable shift in consciousness. Be a part of the this shift and become the change you wish for your life. I accompany you in an (online) session with my core competence “Hurricane”. The vibration in your energy system will rise and adapt to new cell information. The physical and the energetic level come into harmony. Be ready and grow into a new creation consciousness step by step. Become aware of the unique task for this time, which only you can fulfill. Experience being carried in the storm of change. A reuniting of what has been separated for so long. A deep arrival and an upliftment within yourself. (Group events on request.)

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Star Seeds

We bring „Star Seeds“ with us into our lives, energy reservoirs, that connect us with our source and that remind us of all that we have planned to do in our lives. Often we forget that we are equipped with these messengers. We are too preoccupied with our past that daily life constantly reflects back on us. With my core competence Star Seeds I help you to finally leave your past behind and to make your puzzle complete again. Life does not have to remain a riddle. Today you have the chance to see the whole picture and to joyfully live all that you have come here to do. Star Seeds is an initiation for life. We will work together in several (online) sessions. If you are interested, let us talk beforehand.


Soul Reading

In a soul reading you get to know more about your essence, your abilities and tasks and your goals. It helps you to understand yourself and your life path so far, to recognize your truth and to find out where it wants to lead you. If you are looking for answers to certain topics, you can ask questions. We will first discuss (online) in a preparatory session. I will then create your reading in contact with the level of your being, record it and send it to you as an audio file. After you have listened to it, we will clarify questions you might have in a second conversation. A reading transports energy, which you can experience when you listen to it; it paves the way back to yourself. Also possible as a “Business Reading” for your unique coaching method or training concept.

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Anchoring Happiness

You no longer have to achieve anything, arrive anywhere. We have been waiting for this for a long time: We are here, in a new time. You can be happy in your hardest times as well as in your best. Happiness is independent of external circumstances. In one or more (online) sessions we will release solidified structures with my core competence “Anchoring Happiness”; mental, emotional as well as physical ones. You will be able to let go of what still stands in the way of your happiness and we will anchor what determines your happiness – until you are completely permeated by it. Happiness is not tied to people, places, events, or what you have achieved in your life so far. It is a state that you can live now and enjoy permanently. Because happiness is you.


Perfection of the Form

Everything that comes into your life was born from energy form. The art is not to be distracted by what is already visible and tangible. No matter which area of life this concerns, a relationship, your health or money. Each form has its own timing. Trust what you cannot see yet. With my core competence “Perfection of the Form beyond your Humanity” I support you to be connected to your higher form. Basically, it is a constant dying and being reborn that connects you with the infinity of your existence in your humanity. It is a predominantly silent work in one (online) session that lets you look and grow beyond your horizon.

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Sweetness of Life

„Immerse yourself into a world that holds you in its beautiful charm. Feel the vibration that carries you on gentle waves until all bitterness fades away. Mercy that enfolds you in its arms, so that you deeply feel at home. Until you are all joy… Arrive in every body cell, feeling the Aloha-well.“ With my core competence “Sweetness of Life” we go on a journey of discovery together in one or several (online) sessions to an inherent power, which unfolds into your life and at the same time is already waiting for you there. The key lies within you, waiting to open the door to a world of affectionate love and heartfelt joy that is always yours. That’s right, because it is you.

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Connection of Truth and experienced Reality

You can change your experience on the outside from your truth, if you rest in it. Our truth is everlasting, its core the same in each of us. Very few have experienced truth entirely within themselves. For a long time we could only glimpse truth through our experienced reality. In this time of great change you can get fully in touch with your truth again. I am happy to support you with the “Connection of Truth and experienced Reality“ in one or more (online) sessions. The contact with your truth becomes so close that you experience your reality in a completely new way and your experience becomes multidimensional. For this you don’t have to change anything on the outside. Truth is extremely attractive, once in contact you will not be able to escape it.

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Six Steps into an Awakening

We are currently all exposed to two conflicting energy fields. One of them asks you to listen to the quiet voice within you, to turn towards yourself and to explore your origin following your longing. The other one wants to make you believe that it is better and safer to move in socially prefabricated systems of thought. On a material level this is reflected in substances that can change cell information and cause side effects. With the six steps, your life can take on a new direction and momentum. Your body will breathe a sigh of relief. You will leave automatisms behind and the experience of being tired disappears. The inherent joy of discovering yourself and your path will return. You are here because you know it is time to awaken. This work requires several (online) sessions.

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Intensive Coaching

Give yourself the space to go into the depths for three to twelve months and arrive at yourself. We work in regular sessions with (online) Dharma Coaching and open doors to your fulfillment. It is about the whole, about you, about what you came to do in your life. This happens beyond the cognitive level. In between the sessions you have the possibility to contact me for example by voice message. This is how I will accompany you through your everyday life. This is how you will make it and your unique task in it come alive. Intensive Coaching includes all treatment methods, including my core competencies “Star Seeds”, “Hurricane”, “Anchoring Happiness”, “Perfection of the Form”, „Sweetness of Life“ and “Connection of Truth and experienced Reality”. Ask for a space. We will arrange the content and scope of the Intensive Coaching individually for you. (Sorry, currently all spaces are fully booked.)

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Your home
– a place of peace

Your home can become a place of peace, where you can easily focus on the essential. Energetic fengshui is a valuable support to solve hindering energy structures, so that a free and supporting energy flow is created. This will give you the space to relax, follow your inspirations and gain new life energy – in a peaceful place with a loving togetherness. It is the energy, the Chi, that flows everywhere and when clarified will put your living space on a new footing. Procedure: Briefing and cost calculation; after your order, an analysis of the rooms’ qualities and consultation, clearance and alignment of the energy flow and follow-up appointment with a debriefing.

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Business Dharma

Success and motivation in a company significantly depend on the energy characterizing and emanating from it. Business Dharma is a concept of the business planning and management for those who are ready to go with the new time and bring their vision into life. In a briefing we will first clarify concerns and goals. After the cost calculation and order, an analysis of the team structures and room qualities will follow, as well as one-to-one counselling and optimizing and aligning the energy flows with the corporate goal. Depending on the content and scope, Dharma Coaching for leaders individually or in groups is part of the work. Finally, there will be a follow-up appointment with a debriefing. Business Dharma can be combined with a Vision Reading.

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